Sandrine Micallef

5 tips to make your property ready for summer.

Summer is here and travelers love browsing photos to dream about of their vacations. Here are some tips to not miss a single detail in your photos and descriptions!

     1. Property tab is your best friend

Covid sanitary efforts, sustainability, swimming pool opening times… each section of this tab has been thought to cover your content needs: all you have to do is to fill out the existing forms. The more you complete, the better you catch the eye’s guests that will see themselves at your accommodation. Don’t forget to save your changes!

     2. Make customized content

Cannot add the info you were hoping to add? “View your description” section of your extranet will help you find the right page section where you need to submit your request. It is built the same way as your public page to make it easy to find your information about your property just like a guest would. 

     3. Tagging your photos will do more than you think

Not only will potential customers use filters on our website to find you, but your pictures tags also help your property being found on the website. It increases your content score, which is part of the ranking, so if you have a swimming pool for example, do tag it - and put it up front, it’s summer and people craaaave swimming! Plus, the tags summer / winter allows you to showcase your seasonal amenities. 

     4. High resolution pictures

Images are very important, they are the first reflection of how guests review your property, and then picture themselves there. Think of the online dating sites and how most people start with photos and then read more, and that's typical online behavior -not only to meet someone - so please ensure your photos are what you want to reflect to travelers searching! High quality photos are a first step for a good digital guest experience.

Pro tip: look at your property on Booking.com, compare to properties close by. If you aren’t satisfied with your pictures, consider the photo quality: the best quality photos are usually 1280 x 900 pixels.

     5. Are you using a connectivity provider or channel manager ?

Booking.com can connect with your channel manager and receive content like photos and descriptions directly through your connectivity provider.