Being able to connect with guests before booking

Is there no opportunity to communicate with Guests BEFORE their booking is confirmed..?

The private and separate individual Suites we provide to Guests are in our home... so we want to have SOME idea of WHO is staying in our house.

We have had situations where a Guest was asking for discounts  and can they bring their dog (".. but he's just a little dog and well behaved...etc" etc right from the get-go - even though we clearly state our No Pets  policy

This kind of starting behaviour indicates they are a person who will not respect our rules etc , never be satisfied and deliver poor reviews..  I am not interested in this kind of client -  I would prefer to turn down this one-time inquiry and save a lot of aggravation and safeguard our public reviews.


The way I understand your policy, any stranger can book our place, with no opportunity to qualify or ascertain we are really the best option for them, prior to the booking. 

Do I understand this correctly? Thank you for any clarification you can provide.