Booking commission

I have been asking for the total reservation price from our clients and the booking commission does not show up on their booking so they are expecting to pay a different price. Is there a setting to show the full reservation price to the clients when they book because tonight i had someone refuse to pay and I do not want this problem again in the future 

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Toniya - Commu… 1 year ago

Dear Acacia Jade,

Thank you for reaching out!

We do not charge commission from the guests, we do charge commission from our partners only. As this is an agreement between the property owner and Booking.com, we cannot show it on bookings.

I kindly advise you to read this article which will help you better understand our commission.

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Acacia Jade 1 year ago

Thank you for answering this. I was unclear on this and ended up with a very unhappy customer. This is an important point to make clear for partners. I found the way we receive the price breakdown confusing as it gives a total price instead of saying something like reservation price and commission owed to booking.com