Cancel a booking

Hello, we recently had a guest who booked our loft, but as he took a lot of time on answering, someone else asked and we rented it. When the guest answered back, as several days had gone by and it was for Holy Week, a period very busy, we told him it wasn't available anymore.

So he wrote to booking saying that we didn't tell him it was occupied and now booking asked us to relocate him and personally take this matter in hand, but now that we actually did that for the guest, and found him another place, he doesn't want it.

He didn't cancel the reservation with us, it is still active as if he was coming, but he is not, and Booking will charge us the stay of this guest when he did not accept the help we gave him.

¿How can I contact or what can I do to prevent from being charged by Bookin for this reservation that didn't take place?

Marian van Niekerk 1 year ago

Yes, I would please also want to know how it works. I keep getting invoices for guests that request bookings and I reply that we have no space or try to accommodate them or they didnt pitch up. Please, please can someone help this new one on the business. Thanks