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Hello,  I find it difficult to have a direct contact to a support center. Messaging contains only past messages but don’t let you, as a host, to direct access support teams. 

In the specific, I have 2 reservations. one of them did a reservation for the next summer 2023 without me having a saying. The calendar does not allow for a flexible way of handling such case. What happens if someone books 2 years in advance? 3 years ? I asked the guest to cancel as the booking for next year will be accepted only from Januar but he did not wanted to hear. 
The second one has booked for September which is fine however…. None of the booking guests have answered to my questions and to my instructions to make the deposit/pre-payment instruction. 

Since does not handle my payments (as the property is in 🇦🇱 Albania ) and make sure that people observe the cancellation policies, I would like costumer support to help me to get my guest to contact me for pre-payment reservation or cancel this reservations freeing so calendar for other potential guests. 


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Irina Kornilova 7 months ago

Hello, Elvis! Was your problem solved? I"m asking because i have the same problem: can not link my debit card (of Albanian bank) in case of no-show payment?I would be very grateful to you for your answer as an exchange of experience. thank you.