changing currency and country

My country is in Mexico and the payment shows to be MX Pesos. I want this to be in USD and I want the payments to go my US bank. I have searched for an answer and can find nothing. I have closed off my property until I can either get and answer or delist the property. This is the most user UN friendly site I have ever encountered.


How can we get help?

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hi Dawn,

Great question!

You can request only ONE currency change of your calendar rates in the "life" of the property´s profile. You would need to send a message through the inbox tab // Booking Messages and compose a message to "Help with sales or "Extranet Account". You need to state that you authorize the currency change from MXN to USD and confirm your position within the property.  Please be aware that this change takes several weeks as it is done in bulk from the Amsterdam office and a minimum number of properties in need of this change is required.

Now, regarding payment in a US Bank. If you are under Payments by Booking model (Booking.com recollects all payments from guests), it is not possible to have a Mexican property and the payout done to a US bank due to tax regulations. However, you could request a change on payment model, where you (the property) collects the money from the guest, and at the beginning of the following month, an invoice is issued with the commission owed and you make a payment either on a US Bank in case the invoice is issued in USD.

 In case you want to change model, please send a message thru the inbox, with Finance topic requesting to leave the Payments by Booking model.

Hope this helps.