contract temination

Dear booking.com partner services.
My name is Land Robert, the owner of the lodge number 2605211.
It is imperative to inform the general administration about a wrong work practice happening in your company and I denounce it as follows.
For more than five years our lodge in conjunction with your company have maintained a mutual contract generating commissions, growing and learning together.
According to an email sent by your contract specialist, a termination of the contract was sent to us on April 2020, an email we never received or have knowledge of it.
The reason for the termination nobody knows, we suspect maybe for a specific reservation marking the arrival improper, something easily correctable and detectable by your staff.
The person responsible for the unilateral termination is acting immaturely and at the personal level, not considering your business financial success.
For the expressed actions of your financial and contract departments I kindly ask you to investigate and audit for the revenues lost by your company.
There is no benefit whatsoever terminating a partner that has been paying the invoices and keeping high levels of client satisfaction, maintaining an outstanding record of great customer service in compliance of the local and international standards of tourism regulations.
The only benefit is for our clients and your clients that have contributed to leaving a review for the community to see, the opinions of the customers are being ignored and erased by somebody acting at the personal level.
We will continue to escalate and denounce to the highest level of the administration the responsible individual acting unilateral without looking for the wellbeing of your company.
Land Robert

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago

Dear Grand Selva Lodge & Tours , I hope that you are well today and thank you so much for sharing your feedback here. Would you like to contact our Support team to assist you further with this feedback to ensure that it reaches to the right team and the right actions are taken to support you? This article is helpful in explaining how to contact us: https://partner.booking.com/en-us/help/support-contact/contact/where-yo… Kind greetings!