Customer having prepaid

We have two customer that have paid ahead of their stay. How to we receive this payments? - We don't want to have this posibillity. I think I have managed to take it away from our site?

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Mariia Erbes 1 year ago

Hi, Tor Rune Halset!

You can check the finance settings in Finance - Finance settings. If option Payments by Booking has been switched off recently, it may take time to send all payments made by guests by bank transfer. In this tab you can find the date of bank transfer.

If guests have made this prepaid reservation before you switched off this option, the payout for this reservation will also be made by bank transfer next payout day after guest's check-out.

If guests claim that thay have paid online, but you don't see the sign "Paid online" in their reservation - probably they misunderstood the requirement of credit card details as prepayment. You can contact our customer service and ask to check if it was prepaid or not.

You can find phone number for local support here: Inbox - Booking.com Messages - See contact options - Account - Other - See more contact options. And there will be an icon with phone under which you will find the contact number.

Hope this wil help! Best wishes