Description on tents

I have 2 types of glamping tents and would like to add descriptions about them.


They are difference sizes, different shapes and have different furntiure in them


There does not seem to be an option to add this and both appear as a very basic name of 'Tent'

Mustafa Nofal 1 year ago

We have been trying with Booking.com team for more than two months now about the same issue with no results at all , I even called them by phone and finally they said that it can not be done due to some issues ! this is very frusrating as we have now 4 different kinds of tents on our camp and all of them are seen as Tent , and clients can not distinguish easily between them; 50% of our property actuall Tents are not even listed because this would cause a lot of issues with clients booking Tent (with more than 4 different kind of Tents ) - this is too frustrating ....