Haley Eder

Did your property change ownership? Follow these steps

Like purchasing a home, when owners change hands, paperwork is required. We also require proof of paperwork if a hotel changes owners, so we can ensure we have the correct owner on file.


If you just purchased a chain hotel and it will remain part of the same chain (example- if you purchased a Wyndham Hotel and Resorts property and plan to keep it under the same brand flag), we would just need your Legal entity name, address, phone number and your name to update your invoice details. Send this info in a message through the extranet with the “Finance” subject. Just go to the inbox tab in the extranet, “Booking.com messages”, and on the right side of that page there is a blue button that says “compose a new message”, then select the “Finance” topic and subtopic “other”. A new contract is not required in this case, since you will remain on the same Wyndham contract, as an example.


For all other instances, please send through a message in the extranet inbox (using the same process as above, topic also “Finance” and subtopic “other”) a copy of your bill of sale, along with your contact information and the date you became the owner of the property. We will then send you a Change of Ownership form via an automated email directly to the email you provided us. Please note that you will not be available on our site until this form is completed. Also, any bills outstanding from the time you were the owner of the property would be due before you can reopen. Once completed, you can then send a message to the finance team in the extranet inbox to expedite the reopening process.


Additional References you can use are here: