Doubtful Reservations

Dear Partner,

We are messaging about Possibly fake reservations  made by Random Fake Accounts.

In our Partnership Period,  Our Hotel received several this kind of fake reservations and Guest's never Arrived!

We Suspect reservations are made from our Competitor Hotel to Hurt our Improvement!

There are couple of reasons, why we think that reservations are fake:

- Provided Guest's names are Made-up names, letters are written randomly!

- Duration of stay, we had never have reservation with this amount of stay (nights)

- No Contact Info

- No Bank Info

- Randomly written Preferred Language 

- Many Other

We really hope on your Help, Please cancel this reservations for us, no get financial loss. 

Attaching the Reservation Numbers: 

1 - #2982698288

2 - #3968434603

3 - #3634117059

4 - #2196103921

5 - #3037442674

6 - #2652875132


Thank you In Advance for your Help!

Waiting for your Kind Response,


Mikheil Ananiashvili 

Manager in Hotel Almi Akhaltsikhe 




Daniela Nikodijević 11 months ago

It is happening these days frequently  and it is unbelievable to me that BOOKING does not react because it affects our bussiness a lot

Amrita joshi 11 months ago

yes same fake booking we also receiving or somehow guest are not arrive... This is a huge loss and booking.com should block the payment of the guest if the guest do not arrive or no show...