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Extranet Resources you should get to know

Think of the extranet as your command center. It’s full of different functions and features to help you stay in control of your business. 

To draw your attention to the sections that are the most utilized and important, here are the top 5 sections to get to know: 

  1. The Home Tab

This is the first tab in the extranet, and is really a command center within a command center. Here you will find guest information, such as arrivals, departures, and new bookings. There’s a data tab that gives you customized ranking information, page views and search results scores for the last 30 days, and customized recommendations to support making easier business decisions. 

  1. The Reservations Tab 

This tab is especially useful and necessary when it comes to reconciling reservations throughout the month. Reconciling allows us to know which bookings actually stayed and which were cancelled, so that the invoices for the month are accurate and only reflect reservations where you earned revenue. You can search for reservations for any date range, and can filter by cancellations, no-shows, and more. The reservation page  for each booking will also give you several options, depending on what is needed. For example, marking a credit card as invalid, date modification, marking no-shows, or guest misconduct. You can also send guests messages and get help with chargebacks. 

  1. The Property Tab

There is a lot packed into this tab, the nuts and bolts of your property page, really. This is where you can update content, create and update policies, change descriptions and submit requests to add information to the fine print. You can also let guests know what facilities and amenities you have, set up messaging templates to let them know specific property information, and even update sustainability practices. 

  1. The Invoice Tab 

Invoices. This section is where you can view and download your invoices, and view a breakdown of each guest on the reservation statement associated with each invoice. If you need to submit reservation disputes, you can do it here. You will also be able to send messages to our support team. We know invoices can bring up a lot of questions so from here you can reach out to our dedicated team who are happy to help you make this part of the business a smooth process. 

  1. The Inbox Tab 

And finally, the inbox tab. Reservation messages and messages make up this section. Reservation messages can come from guests and customer service, and answering these will boost your reply score. We tend to see partners with higher reply scores experience lower cancellation rates. messages are updates that can be anything from invoice related, to new features. You will also find the contact information for your support team here, in the event you'd like to speak with someone about your account.