Erin Aliaj

A First

Hello, I am Erin Aliaj, an account manager here at Booking.com. Everyday I partner with hotel owners like you to help them grow their business and build a great brand on Booking.com. I look after the Washington, DC market with a concentration in branded hotels. When I joined the company, in 2017, little did I know that working for a global travel marketplace would be so influential to me. I live, breathe and believe in creating those unforgettable experiences for our mutual customers. 


Living one day at a time, riding my bicycle around DC, with a fresh baked cookie. Okay. And with coffee (a nonnegotiable) and maybe some chocolate I will read and answer every Booking.com-related question you have with the same curiosity and passion I did back in 2017. Follow me here and on LinkedIn. Talk soon!