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Get the most out of your holiday rental’s first summer

Hi everyone,

It’s nearly time for summer in the Northern Hemisphere, which is peak season for many of you! If this is your first year running your holiday rental, we’ve got some tips and resources to help you succeed. First, here are some relevant data:

   1. You’re 75% more likely to get a booking in your first weeks with a flexible five-day cancellation policy. 

   2. Uploading five to ten photos during registration makes you 29% more likely to get a booking in your first weeks. 

   3. 33% of our holiday rental guests are Level 2 and 3 members of Genius, our loyalty programme, and tend to spend more.  

You can learn more about how we can support you this summer here. And for more insights into traveler behaviors, check out our article about traveler predictions for this year.  

How are you getting ready for your first peak season?