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I received a review from a guest of 10 for cleanliness, comfort, location, facilities, staff and value but the overall review score was 9. How does this work?

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Susan Holden  

Excellent question! When putting up a review, a guest is shown with several topics (cleanliness, comfort, location, etc) to be rated individually and an overall experience rating. The overall experience rating is not the average of the individual ratings.

Having said this, even though the guest rates individually with 10 (as it is in this case), the guest´s overall experience was not so great. Why? Because the experience of the guest englobes much more than the 5-8 individual topics we request feedback on. 

For example: You might have an amazing location, your rooms were clean, the bed rating is excellent, your facilities are well cared for, but maybe their next door neighbor was too noisy or light bulbs were off and had to call front desk to get them fixed (your staff was great and friendly though), they experienced issues at check out, etc. 

You might also encounter lower individual ratings but a 10 on the overall rating, which means that even though your bed was not a 10, they loved their stay at your property.

I would suggest you contact the guest directly and ask what else can be improved in your property, what do they consider an area of opportunity that might help you get to 10. You might find interesting points of view that only fresh eyes could offer.

Hope this helps!


Susan Holden 1 year ago

Thank you Ailyn. That is very helpful