Guests behavior and respecting house rules

The option for owners to check the Guest's references does not exist and this is because we cannot even give a feedback on how the guests did after they leave. I believe this is really a necessary option and am wondering why this option does not exist on booking.com. Guests who have bad behavior or disrespect the rules should be reported, so that first of all they do not get away with their bad behavior and second they do not continue the same behavior in the next place the rent. At the same time I think this is fair to the owners to be able to choose whom to allow to enter in their house.

 I hope this will be taken as a suggestion which could benefit everybody. I am not sure if other owners have the same request or how they are dealing with this issue.

Other applications such as airbnb gives this option easily and even encourages both sides to write a feedback.

If there is any possibility on how to do this with the current system I would be happy to know how and where could this be done. 

Thank you for your support,