How is it possible that a NOW SHOW CLIENT can leave a review on booking.com?


This guest didnʻt pay any money, he threaten us with our lives, he didnʻt event enter our premises but are allowed to leave a review. 


PLEASE REMOVE THIS FALSE REVIEW.  I was not able to request a guest misconduct because it was a NOW SHOW.


Please help your partner with this.


From: bethel@lantic.net <bethel@lantic.net>
Sent: Monday, 14 March 2022 11:06
To: 'customer.service@booking.com' <customer.service@booking.com>
Subject: BOOKING ID: 2329419504
Importance: High


Good Day


We have the worst experience ever with a guest on Saturday evening @ 22:00.  I canʻt mark it as Guest misconduct, but I really want booking.com to take notice that as your partner you will have to cover our safety as well from people like this.


Our establishment hours are from 08:00 – 20:00.  This was a last minute booking @ 19:51.


The guest phoned and confirmed that he is on his way for Tsitsikamma 2 ½ hours drive before he could check in and that he has already paid money to Booking.com.  We told him that the reception was only open till 20:00 but that we would be able to keep the reception open until lates 22:00 thereafter there is nobody at reception to check him in.  He then started to threaten us, that we donʻt know who we are dealing with, and that he will come after us, and that we steal his money.  The more I tried to explain that we havenʻt received any money from him, best is that he cancel the booking at our establishment and check into a hotel with 24 hours reception desk service the more this guy threaten us.  He even send somebody to the establishment demanding the keys for the unit, saying that he has paid and demanding the key to be handed over, but his bank details was wrong on booking.com without any cvc number and he demanded back payment of the money that he has deposited via booking.com to us.


In 18 years doing business this was the first ever that I was anxious for my safety.  Is there anyway that booking.com can secure that this guy doesnʻt have access to any establishment repeating what happened.

I canʻt get a reply from booking.com.

How do I make contact with them, there is no telephone number or direct communication with them.

I really would like to have this resolved.