Help me please

Dear customer service booking.com,

since the pandemic hit from the beginning of 2020 our business, Kayu Sugih Guest House, was completely closed and at that time it was a good opportunity for us to do 80% of building renovations while adding swimming pool and other supporting facilities for the convenience of our customers in the future and  We really hope to be able to operate again in the middle of 2022. And on this auspicious occasion.

I as the owner of the Kayu Sugih Guest House really hope for help and cooperation from booking.com to be pleased to provide me with an archive of reservations and an archive of payment fee bills  what we have done in the past to booking.com, so that we can use the basis as well as proof that our business is legal and running quite well before the pandemic hit, as well as evidence from our side which we will show to bank partners in our efforts  to get current credit to complete our Guest House facilities. And  I can only say thank you for all the help.

Kind regards,

AA.Gede Putra Ariewangsa