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Please Please help!  B.Com is supposed to refund/credit me with a booking that was virtual payment - do not know how that happened.  We cannot handle credit cards unless the guest is right here at the property.  I have contacted B.com sooooooooo many times regarding this and I am still not refunded/credited.  This guest attended in December 2021 and still there is no resolution. 

i have been told that B.com has NO WAY OF PAYING MONIES TO A HOST!!!!   Incredible!!!!

Could someone please help - I am in South Africa and impossible to even get through on telephone.

Every time I try online with them I am told to go to FAQ!!!!!!!  I am at my witts end!  Thank you

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Amy - Communit… 1 year ago

Hi Anna's Place, 

We don't address individual reservations on the platform, but if the guest paid online and we issued you a virtual credit card (and was within the policy of the reservation), you should be able to see the VCC and charge it. If you cannot, you should have the ability to send a message through Extranet to Finance for resolution- 

This may help too- 




Amy H.

Anna's Place 1 year ago

Hi. Thanks Amy.  
I have sent many messages and phoned many times with no luck. They say they can’t put me through to Finance but will forward my query/now complaint.  But nothing ever happens. 

BrookAve 1 year ago



Simply under the booking message system select the rlevant topic and subtopic, that creates a case for them.