How do I contact customer service?

I have been trying to get into contact with customer service for a reservation my mom made but unfortunately had to cancel, mainly in regards to the refund she received.

I tried to call them but the machine they used did not recognize the confirmation number I entered. It is such a problem that it is included in the FAQ.

(Sorry if the image is too large, I'm not sure how to change the size.)

So now I tried to contact them through messaging. This is all I get:


I cannot send a message anywhere. This is me going through the options:


It doesn't matter what question I ask, this is the same result.

If anyone can help, please let me know!


Mia P 1 year ago

Can't edit the post, seems like it's too much to handle for my computer/site so here's an alternate link to the broken link if anyone wants to see it: https://streamable.com/8ha6lz