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How do I get help from Bookings if there are troubles with guests?


1. It seems there is no emergency or contact phone number to call if I need to ask for advice?

What if guest booked my property as 1 persona and came 3? The price for 1 is lower then for 3....

How do I fix it?


Thank you

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Amanda - Commu… 2 years ago

Hi Agata, 

Thank you for your message. We want to make sure we give you the right support for your situation. 

We offer 24/7 accommodation support! To find a dedicated phone number to call, log in to the extranet, click on Inbox and then click on messages. We don’t publish these phone numbers here because we only offer this service to current partners.

All the Best,



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Agata Krogh 2 years ago

Thank you for your answer. 
I am based in Europe, Denmark, and on messages there are no phone numbers. 
Or do I look in a wrong place? 

thank you