How do I list Experiences or Attractions

Hello There,

I am new to booking.com, I am asking how do i list an experience or a tour?

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Julie - Commun… 2 years ago

Hi - thanks for posting in the partner Community. If you are referring to an experience or attraction within your property, you can submit content changes directly in our extranet. This help article explains how to update your property description on our website. This help article also might help you, it explains how to customize your host profile where you can also add information such as what makes your property unique, special amenities, etc. Thanks for posting in the partner community, and hope this reply helps!

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Miami Party Bus 1 year ago

Hello Julie, I think the previous question is the same as mine:

How do I list Experiences or Attractions?

Experiences or Attractions meaning Sightseeing Yacht Tout, Limousine City Tour, etc.

Do you know how to sign for those in booking.com?

Thank you in advance



Matt Crotteau 2 months ago

I as well would like to know how to list EXPERIENCES OR ATTRACTIONS. There is virtually no mention of how to do this.