how to give the guest (and his behavior) a review?

Had some guests, which did not respect the property at all : dirt and dirtbags all over, vomit in the pool, problems with the neighbors.... endless story! where can I write this down, to warn other renters for this group! 

And secondly : is it possible to get some kind of damage paid back?

Sandrine Micallef
2 years ago

Dear Villa Del Rio

It is a terrible experience when guests damage your property...so sorry to hear about that. At Booking.com, you cannot score the guests. However, have you thought of requesting a damage deposit for any reservation ? Make your insurances work ? Called customer service to report this guest as he misconducted ?

You can ask for damage payback to your guest only and only if it was written in the booking policy that you would. Otherwise, the two other options above can also be solutions for you.

I do hope this helps, have a good evening.

Villa del Rio 2 years ago

Hi Sandrine,

thank you for your reaction!

Yes, I did report it to Booking, but no respons yet....

It is written in our policies, so hopefully we can claim some of it!