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How to look for what you need on Partner Hub

Hi everyone!

We see that many partners are looking for the relevant information to be able to manage all the operations quicker and easier in the extranet. Ok, I realize that maybe “easy” is not a suitable word for extranet. Indeed there is a lot of information you need to know to be able to take the most advantage of all the tools available on Booking.com

How to get what you need?

Option 1. Use the search. It’s not perfect, but most of the time it delivers results. I use it a lot when I need to revise some steps or guidelines. The important thing to keep in mind -  use filters on the right. It’s very easy. You simply tickle the proper boxes. It will give you either Help articles or Community posts, or the rest of the list. Advantages: you can really find things quicker using the search. Disadvantages: of course it’s far from Google :) 



Option 2. Use the ChatBot. It’s very funny to chat with this robot, we should give it a name sometime. The bot is a bit dummy sometimes, we teach it new tricks and you can help us by asking the ChatBot your questions. It works pretty well so far but could be better. All you need to do is to choose a partner and then ask your question in the chat. Our robot will look for the relevant content for you and give you the link. Advantages: if you don’t want to look by yourself, give it to our robot, it will do it for you. The Chat Bot will be happy to answer repeating questions again and again. Disadvantages: this Bot needs more training, of course. Let’s help it to become smarter.




Option 3. Ask Community Partners. Sometimes our partners are looking not for specific guidelines but the most experienced users’ wisdom. What would an experienced partner do? Best way to find this out is to start a conversation or post a comment in the relevant and already existing thread. Don’t forget to be polite. Our active partners are not chat bots. They are real Booking.com partners who are doing an amazing job, sharing their knowledge with others and helping other fellow partners almost everyday answering their questions and feedback. Advantages: our experienced partners and account advisors can share so much valuable knowledge if you ask them proper questions. You will be surprised how many valuable tricks you can learn from them simply by reading their comments and posts. Disadvantages: as you know we don’t pay our partners for their support. This is absolutely volunteer work. We are happy to see them in the Community when they have time, but you should be patient and very polite with them. 


Bonus tip

Did you find useful content? Don’t forget to save it. And when you go to your profile later, you will find it in no time.




Rakibul Ahmmed 2 years ago

My master account is opened with the same mail as my partner (plus) account, but when opening the partner (plus) account, a letter in the mail address was wrong, so I can not fix my password and can not enter my partner (plus) account.  And if I send another mail to change the password then the password is changed but the partner (plus) account is not accepting it.  What can I do now?  I would greatly benefit if someone would please tell me the solution.  Thanks in advance. Kind regards. 

Timothy Mitchell
2 years ago