I had my 1st booking and customer no show

Hello All,

Yesterday I had my 1st booking and guest did not came to my property. 

So, I have click on No Show in pulse app ---> No show Fee Wavied off (I have selected). 

Now, I see there is no amoount in my email which I got it. I do not understand should I receive my mount or not?

Is there any option to select only Prepaid bookings. Because cash is not working now I am not sure if I get my amount or note?

Harsh Patel
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Amy - Communit… 1 year ago

Hi Harsh,

If you have selected no show fee waived, then you will not receive any amount nor will the guest be charged. If you'd like to require your guests to prepay, you will have to create a non refundable rate plan and apply it for all dates so your guests have to pay at time of booking and will not receive a refund whether they arrive or not. 


Hope this helps! 

Amy H. 

Harsh Patel 1 year ago

Thanks Amy for your help 

I have additional questions:

1) is this setting for non refundable is correct?

2) which payment method should choose?

Cash or credit card. The reason is I don't have card swipe Machine.

Thanks in advance

Non refundable