I have wrongly terminated my contract.

I was terminating a contract of a friend of mine since he was selling the house and instead had automatically logged in into my guest house account. Is it possible to revoke what I did? 
I do not want to terminate the contract for my guest house, is it possible to take this action back? I do not want to open an account again since deleting the one I have will make me lose all the reviews and such. 
Can you please help me out? 
My property ID is: 4138147
And property name: Guest House Sabriu


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Amanda - Commu… 1 year ago


Thank you for reaching out! 

Our support team should be able to help you with this, if you give us a call. They will be able to reverse it and help you set the property live again. 

To find a dedicated phone number to call, log in to the extranet, click on Inbox and then click on Booking.com messages. We don’t publish these phone numbers here because we only offer this service to current partners.

I hope this helps!


Guest House Sabriu 1 year ago

Hi Amanda,

Thank you so much for your answer. This helps a lot and took away the stress I just got myself in. I'll get in touch right now and seek help. Have a great day.