Invalid Credit Cards: what are they and what tools can help you.

Receiving invalid credit cards is not ideal. It’s important to keep in mind that there can be different reasons for the card to come back as invalid. Some of those are as follow:

Guest is from another country and has not informed their bank that they are traveling to another country which could then cause the card to be declined. 

  • For this reason when processing reservations from international guests, you may want to send them a direct message. You are able to do this on the extranet under the reservation tab. Then select the guest you want to contact and open their booking in the center of that page you can send them a message directly . Sending clear communication to your guest ensures that the guest is aware of your procedures, in particular after you have marked the credit card as invalid. Ideally, these steps remind the guest to contact their bank to allow the charge to go through as accepted.

Invalid credit cards could also be caused by the card used by the guest being a debit card without enough funds.

  • If you pre-authorize credit (or debit) cards prior to arrival, it’s important to make sure that has been updated in the policy section on the extranet.

Pre-Authorization View

Some of the tools we have made available for partners like you 

  • On the extranet when clicking on the property info tab then select policy you will be able to add your deposit policy to the site which will show throughout the booking process.
  • Preauthorization policy setup: Under the property info tab in the extranet, you can set up if your property will process a pre-authorization prior to arrival and partners can tailor it to either be a fixed amount, first night or total amount. 
  • Partners can add what types of credit cards are accepted at your property, which can also be found under the policy section on the extranet when clicking on the property info tab.
  • On the extranet when clicking on the property info tab, then select policy you can also set up a damage deposit in advance so guests will be aware prior to arrival.

Guest Payment Options

Damage Deposit

Deposit Policy Option

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