Sandrine Micallef

Lack of staff, Summer demand and Invoice Reconciliations

Guests' plans change a lot, and we advise all partners to reconcile their reservation statement actively throughout the month instead of waiting until the end of the month. This practice helps avoid mistakes and aims to ensure you only pay for stayed reservations.

→ If it’s a date change

As long as the guest is still at your property, you can do the changes directly in the extranet. Once it is grayed out, you must contact customer service by phone or simply send a message from your inbox (in your extranet, click on Inbox, Booking.com Messages, it will be on the right hand side). Always proactively mention if the guest has been charged for the modification or not. 

→ If it’s a cancellation before arrival or on the day of arrival

Only customer service can cancel a reservation, please contact them to do so and again, always proactively mention if the guest has been or will be charged for the cancellation or not. If you don’t cancel the reservation, we will charge you a commission, thinking the guest stayed at your property.

→ If it’s a no-show

You need to report it on the extranet one day after the (supposed) check in day. It will cancel the reservation. Let us know if you charged or not!

What about you, what works best for you?

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