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Listing showing unavailable for all dates - when I am new and all my dates are available

Why is my listing showing unavailable for all dates when in fact all dates are available as I am new here- I have tried to change it on the calendar but end up baffled - What colour should the dates available show as on the calendar - when I try to amend things it goes yellow, white or blue. second day of trying to work out this crazy platform - so easy on the others!

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Yvonne Williams  thank you for sharing.

The calendar should show in green if you are open to receive bookings.  Please look into the "Room Status" line, where it shows if it is red or green. 

If you see it green, then you are open for sales. If you are new, please allow up to 24hrs to reflect in the website, as the servers need to update. I suggest you delete cookies in your search engine and try again.

Try 1 night and 4 nights searches, for tomorrow and for 15 days from today, this will help you identify if there are any restrictions blocking the searches. If you show in only some of these searches, then go again to your calendar and right next to where it shows the date period you are displaying, there are a couple of boxes. Click on the "Restrictions" box and verify if you are showing any minimum night stay or minimum advance reservation. (How to set up/remove restrictions

If dates are in red, it generally says why. It can be because there is inventory missing, or rates missing or just closed. Here is a link on How to update rates and availability that will guide you step by step.

Hope this helps!