Managing Availability by BrookAve - USA Edition - 2021

Managing Availability by BrookAve , from the Global Partner Hub community.


For some stupid reason my guides are only showing up on the Global partner hub and not USA also.


Here is a digest of all topics related to Availability.

To help you skip the padding, misinformation, misunderstandings, and just get to what is relevant and some of the mistakes that are made too.


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At the end of the day whether you read and learn how it all works, what doesnt work, what limitations and restrictions there are it comes down to this:


  1. Simply if a room type has an inventory count higher than one, the iCAL sync features are hidden.  
  2. If you are using 2 or more OTA services, e.g. Expedia + BdC, do not rely on the ICAL sync for instant and 100% sync , as it will never work that way, BY DESIGN of BdC webdevs.  
  3. The only sure fire way to have 99.9% zero over or double bookings is to leverage a 3rd party service known as a Channel Manager, where by it becomes the golden calendar and pulls all into itself and back.   
  4. This means it initiates al lthe calendar syncing, and that is why BdC cal sync never works like others because it does not schedule and initiate a calendar sync.  
  5. BdC cal sync can only be done manually by logging and telling it to sync.  
  6. Exporting BdC calendar to an external calendar such as Google Mail calendar or microsoft outlook is not the same thing and its the only useful feature of it if you DO NOT employ a Channel Manager service.  
  7. Are channel managers worth their monthly/annual cost? in my opinion yes, but no two are the exact same in features.


I have reviewed many, and the two for free and paid for I really liked for both ease of use , setup and features were: NoBeds (free) and Cloudbeds (paid based on number of rooms or package)


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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago

Thank you for creating this guide, BrookAve :). I am happy to feature it so that more partners can find the help and guidance they are looking for. For your information, you are right, each community requires a separate posting.