Maximum number of rooms per booking.

Good morning,

Is there a way of limiting the number of rooms a guest books on a single reservation ( and I don't mean by limiting the room inventory the normal way).

The problem is this: We just got a reservation for 9 rooms on booking.com for November this year for three nights. We are a small boutique hotel and this is almost all of our inventory. We are on a flexible booking condition and we can only charge the credit card supplied 15 days before arrival. I have no idea if the guy (who is an agent booking a group) left a valid card details until then when we try it.

If this guy keeps all the rooms then cancels at 16 days out, or the card doesnt go,  we stand to lose thousands of dollars as it is too late to find other guests in that time window. We are powerless. What can we do? We appreciate the reservation but this is too much exposure.

I would like to be able to limit a reservation to 5 rooms max or if not apply a tougher cancellation condition for more than 5 rooms.

Can anybody share their experiences?

Much appreciated in advance

John H






Peter Marinov … 1 year ago

I have the same problem with maximum rooms per booking. Apparently, booking has not thought about protecting house owners from fake booking fraud. There is no way to limit the number of rooms a single user can book. That is wrong! The way it should be is for the user to have the right to book only 1 room and then to ask for more from the owner of the property....Apparent;y booking has overlooked this problem. Now I lost an entire week with empty rooms because of such booking that was canceled 2 days before his arrival in the middle of August with blocking of 80% of my rooms......