Message appering in another language in my booking app.


we are located in Iceland, and message that come from Booking.com show up in my booking system in Icelandic. The problem is that most of the employees here are english speaking, so information such as that the guest needs to pay comes through in a language they don´t understand.


"This will contain messaging information from the booking channel" 

Part of the message comes in icelandic and part in english. The first line is saying that we can have recived a virtual card and can access it on the 14th of april. 

"Þú hefur fengið afhent netkort fyrir þessa bókun.Þú getur sótt innistæðuna frá og með 2022-04-14.
Genius Free Breakfast booking to attract top genius guests. For more info, check your settings in Booking.com extranet.
Approximate time of arrival: between 19:00 and 20:00
Non Smoking Requested"


Any help appriciated.