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My property is not coming up on booking.com for sat and Sunday this weekend. Why is this I have checked that the property is open on the app. 

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Aleksandra - C… 1 year ago

Hi Patrick, hope you are doing well!

There are might be different reasons why some dates are not bookable on the website. 

Please check if you have any restrictions for these dates? I attached couple of articles which might be helpful for you:

Setting up reservation restrictions

Setting up ‘No arrivals’ and ‘No departures’ restrictions

Please you can get in contact with our Partner Support and require any help. Please enter to extranet > Inbox > Booking.com messages > on your right hand side, there is a blue button Compose a message > select a relevant topic and subtopic. 

Our 24/7 partner support team is available on one of the numbers listed:

Where you can reach us


I hope this will be helpful to you! Will you let me know if I can help further? Thank you!

Best regards

Aleksandra - Booking.com




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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hi @patrick hyland

If you have availability and rates open in your calendar, please click on the "restrictions" option right next to the date period and make sure that you have the correct restrictions.

Sometimes a "Min. advance reservation " restriction blocks the display of your property.

Here is a link on setting up/remove these type of restrictions.

Hope this helps!