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Dear Sirs

can I please have proof of payment for payment made for booking of my property

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hello Visa Govender,

Thank you for your message, hope this information helps you. There are several payment methods in our platform:

1) Payments by Booking, where Booking recollects payment from all your bookings and we transfer/wire your net income on the scheduled payout day. ou can find on the Finance tab / Payout information the income of the month and the list and amounts of the reservations. 

2) Pay at Property, where you (the property) is responsible to charge the guest for their stay. In this case, no proof will be given, as all income will be handled by you and an invoice will be issued for you to pay the commission due for the reservations.

3) Hybrid (Pay Online)- Some of the booking payments are collected by us and some others by the property, this is subject to the guest´s choice to either pay now (Booking.com) or pay at the property. (note that not all countries have this option available). In this case, the status on the reservations that are collected by Booking.com will show an "OK Paid Online" note along with payment information either Virtual Credit Card or transfer (depends on country) that is available for the booking. Reservations where payment was not collected by Booking.com, will only show an "OK" note, therefore, payment will be collected by the property.

How can you find out what method are you in? Go into the Property Tab // Policies and under the Payment Policies section, there is a box with Guest Payment Options where it should say either of the following: "Payments by Booking" (you are using option 1), "You accept the following Credit Cards and Cash" (you are using option 2) and if it says "You are accepting payments online" (you are using the 3rd method)

Hope this clarifies your question.