No shows with last minute reservations


So this weekend we have experienced again a last minute-reservation who, later on turned out to be a no show. Despite the fact we put all settings right concerning annulation costs, need of credit card etc, we didn't receive anything from the guests and it shows that we have no access to the credit card information. We had contact with both guests, the last one dissepeared on us while we were waiting at the airport with fixed shuttle... Last thing he asked was money because someone at the airport said he needed to pay with local currency(?). We didn't gave him money but after that we didn"t hear from him, his whatsapp is no longer in use and where there used to be a profile, it is now all gone.

My question is:

Does anyone of you have had same experiences? 

Is there a setting where you can refuse these last minute bookings?


Many thanks

Leslie Jaroschek 2 years ago


Dear Lieke,

I had exactly the same this past weekend. The client kept us waiting saying he is in a meeting and 30 minutes before the end of check-in time we decided to call him only to find that his phone was off. The other problem is that, I'm not sure how possible it was for this client to book a last minute booking without providing his credit card details. If yours provided credit card details and ofcourse according to your restrictions, you can log into extranet, click on the client and mark him as No show. You might qualify for some refund if his credit card details were provided to booking.com.

You can also go to rates and plans and deactivate the plan which you no longer want under promotions.

All the best