owner and contact person

The problem is that in 2020 I rented the apartment on the island of Hvar in Stari Grad, which is owned by my husband. In 2021, 2022, I was not in Croatia for the summer, and he himself concluded that it was not a job for him and the apartment was not rented. Now, for 2023, when I wanted to advertise the apartment, the system still has data from 2020, which shows that the owner of the apartment is my husband, Nenad Cvijanovic. By mistake, when filling out the information this year, I put my name as the owner, and I received a Contract from Booking.com in which I am listed as the owner. I am not the owner, but the person who takes care of the apartment, contacts the guests, and to whose account the guests' money is paid. Is it possible to put my husband as the owner and me as the contact person? Where I can do this? Thank you very much. Maja Dubljevic