I have been trying to get my listing online for 3 weeks now but booking only allows me to select "collect cash on site/at the time of check in" or "credit card on site"

1) I have 9 other properties listed and neither one has had this issue, they all went straight to payments by booking

2) I have been a verified partner for 1 year on one account (group account) and 2 years on another account (master account)

3) I live 2000 miles away so definitely can't collect payment on site

4) I assume this has to do with not being able to add the Airbnb link with reviews at the time of creating the listing - anyone experiencing this as well. Tried several properties, several links, always get an error message.

Representatives keep telling me for 3 weeks everyone needs to do this which is wrong - see 1.

Any advice on how this can be resolved? This is so frustrating. I get a ton of reservations on booking.com for my other listings but apparently they don't want my business anymore.