payments by booking

anyone else currently having issues with getting added to that program?

I currently have 2 properties waiting. One has been sitting for over 3 months now, the other one for a week.

Have been a verified partner for over 2 years, never had to wait or had any issues of this kind. Most recent property was added in February as well and was immediately added to the program without me doing anything specific. One property I just added is even in the same building as others that I have on booking and in the payments program... so the excuse of it not being available in that marked is FALSE.

Keep getting the same different and WRONG answers for 3 months:

- it's been forwarded, you will be contacted.

- it's not available in that marked; wrong

- I need to receive bookings and reviews - how if I can't accept cash/credit card on site? should I have guests stay for free?!?!?!?!

This is terrible and unacceptable. Booking seems to have a major system error here and nobody works on getting this fixed.


Please anyone have any info or advice on this? I keep calling them every other day and nothing happens.

ARIF HUSSIEN 1 year ago

Hi, I would like to opne my account. My apartment is closed. Thank you Mika