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              I havent received any payments and reservation. And how can I pay the invoices if I didnt received any payments from booking.com

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Clara - Commun… 1 year ago

Hello Angela, 

Thank you for reaching out! Below I have linked an article to help you determine how to collect guest payments. For specific help with this issue, please reach out to the customer service team via the Extranet Inbox and 'Booking.com Messages'. 

How do I handle guest payments?

BrookAve 1 year ago

Hi Angela,


When you have no stays but receive an invoice for commission, this usually means:

  1. Guest booked with no prepayment.
  2. Guest is a No Show
  3. Guest did not cancel via their account nor Customer Service team .
  4. You did not mark the No Show within the time limit.


Marking no-shows in the extranet

Follow the steps below to mark a no-show in the extranet:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Reservations 
  3. Click on the appropriate reservation number
  4. Click on Mark as a no show 

The reservation will then be cancelled. Both you and the guest will receive a confirmation email.

The Mark as a no show button is only available from midnight on the check-in date, up to 48 hours after the check-out date.

After this point, you won’t be able to report a no-show, but can send a message to Partner Support team as per the next method below.

mark as no -show right pane


Marking no-shows via Extranet Inbox Message to Partner Support


notify partner support via message to mark a no-show