Pricing and calendar

Dear Booking Team,

Could you please advise on how to make restrictions on the calendar? I want to change the minimum required days to 7 days, and not 1.
Also, I fail to see the price line, do I have to change the price for each day in the calendar manually? If possible, please adjust all days to 130.3 euros per night. 


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Toniya - Commu… 1 year ago

Dear @Daniil Bayramov,

Welcome to the US Partner Community!

You can set up a minimum stay of 7 days restriction in your extranet account by following the steps in this article.

The Community team cannot change your prices but you can do it yourself in your calendar. Please read this article for more information and guidance. There is a bulk option so you can select multiple dates at once.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,