Requiring a vaccine card or current negative COVID test for reservation

With the major Delta outbreak in the south, I want to restrict reservations to those who are vaccinated or have a current negative COVID test.

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Julie - Commun… 2 years ago

Hi there - my name is Julie and I'm here to provide you with a couple ways to ensure potential and existing guests are aware of your property's health and safety measures. 

(1) Visit the Booking.com extranet, select property menu option, and then select Health & Safety. Here you can tick mark "Process in place to check health of guests." More information can be found here.

(2) In addition, partners can send guests a pre stay message through our messaging tool to share more specific information about your check in requirements. This might be a good place to express your requirements in a bit more detail to ensure communication between guests is clear. More information about our messaging tools can be found here.

I hope this helps you ensure health and safety requirements for your property remain clear for existing guests, as well as potential guests. We appreciate you sharing this question, and aim to continually listen to our partners to ensure we're providing solutions to today's travel environment.

Casa de Amista… 2 years ago

Hi Julie -

This is helpful guidance but far from a solution.

Unless I am missing something (and I hope I am!), the Health and Safety Measures on your site allow us to communicate a variety of measures, but not a "Vaccinated Guests Only" policy.

To minimize confusion and conflict, guests NEED to know, and deserve to know, each property's full list of Covid policies in advance of reserving on Booking.com. Advising us to reach out to guests to inform them about our vaccine rules only after the reservation request is already made through Booking.com is only setting us all up for angry customers and unhappy outcomes. 

Please advise if I am missing something in your settings or if the extranet has been updated recently with this functionality, because I have been trying to reach your colleagues by phone and messages about this for days, but have only been getting endless run around :(

Smcintosh 2 years ago

I agree.  Even though I want to implement this policy for a short period, I don't want to expose guests to the virus that is spreading rapidly in this part of the country.  Since Booking lets guests know the costs up front, the Covid polices should also be upfront prior to making a reservation.

Vaughan Alsbrook 1 year ago

People are very angry when they have to cancel AFTER they make their reservations because we only accept VACCINATED guests. This needs to be said up front.