reservation 3729010245

The hotel was charged a commission on this reservation. The customer was a no show, the hotel marked the reservation as a no show on the 29th of may. no charge was made to the customer and all fees were waived on the extra net and there should be no commission. booking .com  issued an invoice for the month of may(invoice no 1575977889). The hotel duly paid this invoice and at the time there was no charge of commission on this invoice for reservation 3729010245 because we had marked it no show and all fees were waived.

Subsequently of the 15 june  2022 booking.com changed what was on the extra net and issued a second invoice no 1576051533 dated 6/15/22. Charging a commission for reservation in the amount of $9.60. I have had numerous conversations with at 7 to 8 of your  associates over many hours trying to get this resoloved. Please cancel this charge because it is not correct or issue a credit for this amount. Thank you.

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hello partner.

When a property marks a booking as No-show, the system automatically sends a note to the guest to confirm if they did not arrive. If they confirm that they stayed, the system then automatically creates an invoice for the commission.

If you are sure the guest may be incorrect, please contact your local Customer Service team and ask them to request a Proof of Payment from the guest and allow 15 days for reply. Contact again the Customer Service team to confirm if the proof was provided. If not, please contact the Finance team through inbox advising that the guest was unable to provide a proof and that you request a revision for this invoice as you did not charge the guest and the guest was unable to prove it. They will review the situation and advice their decision.

Hope this helps.