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Review scoring

When I look at my reservation review scores I see a problem. For Reservation Number *** I was given all 10's, however, I see my score is rated at 9.0, why is this? Why isn't our B&B rated at a 10 for that specific review?

For Reservation Number *** I have  a score of 9.0, however, the average is 9.58 so I would expect a rating of 9.6.

Reservation Number *** shows 8.0, although the average is 9.58, so another 9.6 should be given here.

Reservation Number *** has a perfect score of 10's, but my rating is at 9.0.   Do you see a pattern here of underscoring the reviews? How long has this been going on? How can these errors for a true Guest review score be corrected?