So many fake bookings now which are scams

We are seeing a large number of bookings that are fake and trying to scam us.


Just now we have a booking for one person that has booked a family room. From our perspective we initially think great, we have sold an expensive room.


However, the customer then tell us this is his first booking on booking.com, but it shows him as a genius customer.


The last thing he asks for is more information and then provides an email address to contact him directly with. 


When this has occurred before, we get sent a zip file which has malware in it.


Not happy with booking.com allowing these threats to come to us via their own system

Daniel Offerman 2 months ago

we had something similar happen here at our hotel as well earlier this year.

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Braemar On Par… 2 months ago

We get them too but a new thing is a phishing email copy attached I assume by it's dodgy sender's email address it is bogus. I hate to think what happens if you click the "go to the extranet" button!!!  It is annoying that I can't let booking.com know this is circulating so they can warn everyone. Be careful out there, buddy.

Li River 2 months ago

This is the newest type of scam attempt. First, it is not my wedding. Then wanting to modify a room and they will send a video with the details of the decorations. I love how they say they don't know how to communicate via boooking, when they just did.


Good afternoon, I am writing to you about your upcoming wedding. We plan to hold this special occasion at your hotel. Since I don't speak the language of the country where we are planning our wedding, I am using an online translator to understand better. I have a few very important questions. Can you text me or call me on Wathsap XXXXXXXXXXX. I will be very much waiting to hear from you :) I also need to discuss some visitor accommodation with you. If you have any difficulty calling or sending me a message please text me via Gmail - XXXXXXXXXXX as I don't really know how to communicate directly via booking or if there is such a feature :(.

Tami Curry 1 month ago

Wow. I received this but not necessarily from a wedding event 

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Braemar On Par… 1 month ago

Yes Tami they dangle the possibility of a big booking to get us interested. The next stage of this is often them saying "I need to send money to the translator as they don't have an EFTPOS machine." It looks like they have put a big chunk of money in your account and then you send some to the "translator" The original deposit disappears and you have sent good money off to the scammers. The safe position is don't send money to anyone you don't know and also don't hold your breath that they will turn up. English is their second language so they mean "our wedding" Also don't open any attachments "details of special requests and decorations" etc. These may contain viruses and malware. "Let's be careful out there"

John Sweetman at Braemar on Parliament St.

Li River 1 month ago

The scammers have so many ways to try to catch us/our staff out. Watch out for:

-People who ask to contacted outside of booking.com

-Send any attachments or links to a URL. Do not click on those.


I find many use non specific terms such as:

-your location (instead of mentioning my actual town)

-Your hotel/establishment (instead of my actual business name)

I see these as a red flag because they appear to be generic texts sent to multiple businesses and the scammers do so in the hope one of us will fall into their trap.


Stay safe and I wish all of you the greatest success in your ventures