Can anyone help or provide advise as for nearly three weeks I have had issues with booking.com and Trivago inability to get there act together to share data on reviews / ratings. Trivago states they not received any recent data whilst booking.com states they have sent data - I have provided booking.com with screen shots of the impact and evidence of the inconsistency with booking.com data and that Trivago are showing no reviews and no ratings.

I have escalated to at least three supervisors within booking.com who have advised Senior Managers are looking into the issues - I have also escalated this issue to Trivago's press office and still the reviews / ratings issues saga continues.

In short, Trivago had incorrectly shown ratings for my B&B, I pointed this out to them, so they changed it to no reviews / no ratings, thereby losing European bookings. Even though Trivago's publicly stated Rating Index (TRI), clearly states "that it links to hotel or websites to get ratings directly from the source", it goes on to state "its, current, daily updates ensure the most up to date index you can find" and also clearly states that "the TRI is updated daily for each hotel, ensuring the latest, most accurate evaluations" - Really!!!!! So why have you failed to show reviews / ratings for nearly three weeks and booking.com, when I have asked have not shared evidenced that they have in fact shared data with Trivago.  

For nearly three weeks I have been the wee piggy in the middle with nobody at booking.com taking responsibility likewise at Trivago - On one phone call with booking.com I was advised that a Supervisor would call me, but when I asked who, she advised that she was not allowed to tell me her supervisors name! This ongoing issue is causing me to lose bookings from Europeans and positions me most unfairly with my local competitors, who are getting European bookings, as I have checked in with them.