unauthorised extra guests and guests misconduct

A reservation was made for 2 guests; they brought 3 extra (the property only sleeps 4), trashed the property and refused to pay for extra cleaning or guests charges, booking.com did nothing to help. Why no assistance to me as a partner was offered? 

Russell Michele 9 months ago

This same thing happened to me. Two adults plus a baby were meant to come, but an extra adult and her two children also came in late at night.  I discovered next morning when the children were running around my yard at 7am.  I asked the extras to leave as we have a limit of 4 persons, and let them know the extra charge for staying one night. They did not pay so I contacted BDC who just said it was up to me to collect the extra charge.  The extra guests arrived very early the next morning and I did manage to collect the payment before they all left, after all three adults verbally abused me very loudly.  I was home alone, and am in my late 60's.  I was pretty shaken up from the whole experience, so it is very disappointing that BDC does not offer any help in these situations.