Using two different corporations to list two diffent properties under one account

I have two apartments/properties that I want to let through two different Finnish corporations (OY) without paying VAT because I don't need to.


Do I need two booking.com accounts to operate with two corporations?


Can I have two accounts if I only have one telephone number?


How do I list two apartments under only one corporation if I wanted to do so?


I did not even find a way to register for two apartments/properties as an individual...

Pasi Porkka 2 months ago

I see none from Booking.com has answered any of my questions for 6 days.

Is there any customer support on this platform?

I am a new one at Booking.com, and I have not yet started letting out my apartment using this platform.

Can I get answers to my questions from the customer support on this customer support forum?

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Didem - Commun… 26 days ago


Hi @Pasi Porkka,


Welcome to the Partner Community where partners share tips with each other. 


If you'd like assistance from our support team, I'd like to gently suggest to call one of these numbers please.