Virtual Credit Card

We signed up for the Virtual Credit Card usage over a year ago.   We are finding some bookings are coming in not on the Virtual Card but on the guests own card.   This is causing problems as we now have a few un paid reservations after departure. 

The Virtual Card is guaranteed for payment and is only processed on the date of the guests departure.  So it is difficult to know if he guest is on Virtual card or own card.  We operate a small B&B and it is impossible to process the card as the guests check out as we have few staff and we are busy looking after guests.  We do not have a receptionist to process payments on departure. 

Why are some payment details coming through on the guests own card with missing CVC codes instead of the guaranteed Virtual Card.    

Please can we charge on arrival at check in so all cards can be checked when guests arrive instead of on the busy morning on guests departure.  It is time consuming trying to process on departure.  Has any one else the same issue?

Bookings 1 year ago

It is ridiculous to expect us to have to wait until AFTER the guest has gone to see whether or not they will pay.  I believe that (as Booking.com is constantly telling us) we have a contract with them, they should guarantee the payment.  Some are virtual cards, supposedly unable to default, others are guests own cards. As you say, we are all busy, many down on staff or single operators, we haven't the resources to pre-authorise every card.  It is totally unfair that we can't charge cards on expiration of the cancellation period.  The only reason I can see for Booking.com to hang onto funds so long is the interest they gain holding funds in the bank.  We are the losers as we sometimes either miss out entirely on payment, or spend valuable time having to chase.  Today I was told by Booking.com that THEY WOULDN'T CHARGE COMMISSION for a $300 fraudulent card!!!  It is their booking I said - they need to guarantee THEIR guest's payment.  We need to bang on more doors until we can get paid before guests leave.