where is the XML connnection wizard?

Your XML connection for Booking.com has not been enabled for your hotel and Channel Manager. Please use the XML connection wizard on your Booking.com extranet and follow the steps to initialise the connection. Without the XML connection in place, your Channel Manager will be unable to connect to Booking.com.
Channel Manager support will be notified by Booking.com once you have completed the initial steps of the XML wizard and will be back in touch as soon as possible, so you can complete setting up the connection.

Until the issue is resolved, your rates and availability for this room rate will not be sent to this booking channel and reservations might not be delivered to your channel manager.

Rectify the issue given in the reason above, then re-enable the connection between your channel manager and the booking channel.

If the booking channel gets disabled again, contact the booking channel to ensure the connection is still in place and confirm if there were any changes to property codes or any information you need to update in your channel manager.

Visit our online help for more information on how to re-enable connections with your booking channels.