Erin Aliaj

Is your property overbooked? Step by Step Guide

Is your property overbooked? Here is some magic for you. A step by step guide to effortlessly relocate guests you cannot accommodate at your property. So, what happens when your hotel is sold out and you still have reservations expected to check in?


  • Call Booking.com Customer Service (inform us and allow us to help)
    • To locate our customer service phone number, please visit the Extranet. Select Inbox - Booking.com Messages. Booking.com Customer Service number is under Get Instant Help 
  • Booking.com will ask if your property has a preferred alternative accommodation in mind where you’d like the guests relocated to (this could be a sister property, for example, or a hotel in the area you already have a working relationship with)
  • When you give us a preferred relocation accommodation name, we will email you to request details of the alternative accommodation and ask for an “OK” to proceed with the relocation
  • Don’t worry if you do not have a sister accommodation. Our customer service agents can find an alternative accommodation in the same area on your behalf. 
  • What’s next? We will inform the guest of their relocation options. Please note, we will give the guest up to 2 alternative places to stay to choose from. 
    • For guests arriving within 24 hours or less, we will give them 30 minutes to respond and accept/deny relocation options.
    • For guests arriving in 1-7 days, we will give 2 hours  to respond and accept/deny relocation options.
    • For guests arriving 7 or more days, we will give them 24 hours to respond and accept/deny the relocation options.
  • Once the guest accepts an option, we will cancel the initial reservation at your property. 


Please note, if the guest incurs additional charges because of a relocation, such as transportation fees, we will invoice the originally booked property for these additional costs incurred. 


Stephanie 1 year ago

What is the policy if the guest simply doesn't like the accommodation or makes a false/ fraudulent claim about the accommodation (i.e. cockroach infestation) Will the host have to pay for relocation regardless of the reason for the relocation?